Anh Trinh JavaScript Developer


I am mainly a JavaScript developer but not limited to that, you can find me doing Elixir & DevOps sometimes. Not something that super complicated but I love to build web application in general, every part of it - and I want to choose the best and yet simple tool for the job.

Oh, I love building mobile app using React-Native as well. It’s bomb!

I am lucky enough to experienced first with Angular, then with Ember, and now React & React-Native. By far, I love all of them and the good thing is they’re pretty much heading toward the same direction: Web application as a tree of components & data flown down from the top. Thanks a lot to #React which is really a game changer.

Blessed enough, I want to write up what I’ve learnt along the way here to share it with you guys. Hopefully you’ll find it useful in someway. I will try my best to release 1 blog post per week.

Please head towards to Ideas, I sketch out what I’ll write next there.

See you,