Anh Trinh JavaScript Developer

Download Coursera Whole Notebook

Context: I am already using coursera-dl to download the videos and it works great, but I missed an analogous tool for the assignments.


I have just found a way to download all the assignment files from the coursera-notebook hub.

This saved me hours of painful single file downloading:

(adapted from here )

Go to the home of the coursera-notebook hub

Create a new python notebook

Execute !tar cvfz allfiles.tar.gz * in a cell

Download the archive !


If the resulting archive is too big and you can’t download it

Open the python notebook where you executed last command and execute the following in a cell:

!split -b 200m allfiles.tar.gz allfiles.tar.gz.part.

This will split the archive into 200Mb blocks that you can download without a problem (if there is still a problem reduce the size by changing 200m to a lower value)

Then when you have downloaded all the split files reunite them on your system using the following command line (in a linux environment, or use cmder if you are on Windows):

cat allfiles.tar.gz.part.* > allfiles.tar.gz

PS: This is in fact valid in any Jupyter-notebook hub