Anh Trinh JavaScript Developer

My dokku experience

I have to say it is pretty cool. It helps to build own Heroku & mae the deployment while developing faser.

Something that sucks at the beginning:

Make nginx working

VHOST file must in /home/dokku to enable NGINX virtual hosts configuration

Deploy to root domain

Simple, just named your app then push

Eg. git remote add dokku dokku@<ip.address>:<>

MongoDb linking

dokku mongodb:create <app> <db> is not only create the database, but also create a user for app to access the database.

Therefore, if you have another app want to access the same database, dokku mongodb:link <new_app> <db> just not work. You’ll get auth failed error.

Solution: run mongodb:create <new_app> <db> first, then mongodb:link