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So, what is SoundCloudify & why I made it

SoundCloudify import YouTube playlist

It has been more than two months since I first published SoundCloudify to Chrome Webstore. Until now, it has 17,584 installs & 155 ratings (most of them are five stars). And the extension itself has find its way to TheNextWeb, and yet gaining more and more traction from music lovers all over the world. I am really happy that I had made something that people love & use it!

You might or might not believe it is one of my hobby project. But yes, it truly is a hobby project :-). I started it because I just want to make a Chrome Extension with AngularJS. I am a FrontEnd developer & I am a fan of Angular. It takes me about one month working at night to finish the first version. I decided to make the project open source on GitHub. You can take a look if you’re a developer & want to contribute or fix some bugs. Pull requests are very very welcome :-)

Later, I had a close friend who is a Backend Developer help me with the API to store user’s playlist. That’s why if you’re logged in in Chrome, your playlist will be synced accross computers.

You may ask why the extension’s interface look very much like the Spotify web player. Oh yes, that’s true! The inspiration come from Spotify with Green over Black background. It looks really sexy & attractive, I like it and i decided to mimic that design. I am a web developer, not a designer. So there is no point to make it different. But did you notice that I’ve added Material Design into it? Ha! The extension look really GREAT in a Macbook Retina. Tell me if it looks great in your computer as well!

It’s really a lot of fun working with what you love and people love what you’re doing. I am now working in a Chrome Packaged App version of the extension. And maybe later, a mobile version as well. I am really happy because it turns out that I could reuse my code for different platforms.

And sure, I’ll carry on to bring you guy a greater music player. I’ve got a new hobby is to watching the number of users who’re currently using SoundCloudify.

SoundCloudify active users

Cheers! Happy listening!